Has your period gone AWOL, or does it only make a half-hearted appearance once in a blue moon?

Let’s get your period back, STAT!

Get the Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart for changes you can start making right now!


Has your period gone AWOL, or does it only make a half-hearted appearance once in a blue moon?

Let’s get your period back, STAT!


If only I knew how to get my period back and have a regular monthly cycle…

I hear you girlfriend.

It might feel like you literally need a search and rescue team for your monthly cycle, because you haven’t had a period in what feels like forever...


Your periods are so irregular, you have no idea when you’re actually going to get one, or how long it’ll last for...

All you want is to stop feeling crazy when it comes to your menstrual cycle

You’ve been trying everything you can think of to get your period back to ‘normal’, but the longer it takes, the more stressed out you feel.

You've been to your doctor and know you don't want to take synthetic hormones that mask what's really going on inside you.

If only you knew how to start healing yourself so you could...

  • bring back your period once and for all or regulate an irregular cycle
  • get rid of spotting and have an actual flow
  • eliminate the major acne breakouts and hair loss
  • sort out your insides and get your gut health back on track
  • feel like you have an ACTUAL sex drive
  • lift the dark cloud of brain fog and fatigue
  • quit the anxiety and finally feel a sense of calm
  • understand what's actually happening with your hormones so YOU can be in control, instead of feeling trapped by your womanhood

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to feel great again, even if it sounds unimaginable right now.


It’s pretty clear to me that we’re in the midst of a modern day hormonal health crisis.

And, we keep getting offered the birth control pill, anxiety medication, antidepressants, and progesterone shots to ‘fix’ our symptoms.

But, they don't work.

You know this because you've probably tried one (or all) of these ‘solutions’ and none of them worked the way you'd hoped.

The good news is you’re here right now taking charge of your health, and that’s the first step towards happy, healthy periods and fertility.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Introducing the Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart


A 28-day program to get you back in your flow

The Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart gives you simple, easy, and proven strategies to get you on your way to regular, healthy periods.

This short course is for every woman on a mission to find real solutions for her missing or irregular periods (and the extra symptoms that come along for the ride).

Let’s get to the root cause of your sporadic or completely MIA periods. And while we’re at it, let’s fix the acne, hair loss, and fatigue that seems to never end…


The reason for all this is hormones. Specifically, imbalanced hormones.

These symptoms don’t happen to women who have balanced hormones — which is good news, because it’s actually pretty easy to get your hormones back in sync.

Yup, it’s totally doable with food, a few targeted supplements, and some simple lifestyle hacks.

The Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart is like having your best friend give you straightforward advice on how to ditch that bad boyfriend. Except instead of a bad boyfriend, we're ditching your hormone imbalance and your period probs!


You don't have to be at a loss about what to do…

You can stop seeing doctors who tell you “it’s fine” not to have a period OR want to medicate you to bring it back, instead of looking into why it went missing in the first place...

You don’t need to feel trapped by your missing or random periods. There are simple ways to get your body flowing again — when we focus on what’s really going on…

Say it with me: “Your body isn’t broken, and you don't need to medicate to menstruate!”

Because fake hormones won’t fix what’s going on with your REAL hormones...


Choose the Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart if you want to know:


Why missing and irregular periods have become such an epidemic and what you can do NOW to preserve your future fertility


The biggest offenders and common causes behind missing or irregular periods — including the everyday, over-the-counter, or prescription meds that could be stopping your flow


The ‘healthy’ things you might be doing that are preventing you from having a regular cycle


Important practices and remedies that will help bring back your period, get you on a more regular cycle, and put the breakouts and mood swings to bed.

Together, we’ll get your period and your body back in sync like they should be!

Price is only $97 until...


How I know it’s possible to feel good again

My hormonal health journey started around age 17. Suddenly I wasn’t getting my period regularly anymore. It would make an appearance, oh… every three months or so. And when it finally did come, it came with a vengeance!

You know the drill — an extra 5 lbs in bloating, horrific cramps that kept me in bed for two days, really heavy flow, headaches, acne, and the worst moods ever!

Artboard 3

After a year and half of this madness, my doctor put me on the pill. I didn’t know it then, but the pill was only a temporary fix that masked what was actually a raging hormonal imbalance — while also creating a whole new set of symptoms.

So while I began to have lighter, easier periods (yay!), I found myself battling chronic yeast and urinary tract infections. A whole bunch of other seemingly unrelated symptoms started cropping up too — stomach problems, joint pain, chronic colds, and a constant feeling that I was not well.

I tried all the western medical stuff, but the doctors I saw had no idea what was wrong with me.

All of my tests came back ‘normal’

Eventually, one doctor thought I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, while another thought I had Crohn’s disease! I spent thousands of dollars on tests and procedures and got… nothing. No answers, and no relief.

Can you relate?

By now, I was fed up with my mystery ailments and the wanna-be diagnoses! A friend suggested I see her acupuncturist, and since I had nothing to lose, I went for it.

During the first session, he gave me more answers than any doctor had given me in YEARS. I knew then and there that I was on the right path.

Moral of the story: stepping off the conventional medicine hamster wheel and seeking the help of an alternative practitioner changed the trajectory of my life.



I’m a Certified Women’s Health and Functional Nutrition Coach with a specialty in hormonal health and periods.

My mission is to help women in their 20s, 30s and early 40s (that's you babe!) reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally...with a dash of fun and sass!

I passionately believe that all women can (and should) be active participants in their health, and I’m dedicated to showing you how to take back control of your body.

Through my coaching practice, website, podcast, and online education courses, I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of women to rethink how they approach their periods and help them tap into their cycle superpowers.

I’ll be giving you a step-by-step process (that I’ve tested with thousands of my clients) to balance your hormones so you can experience a natural and healthy menstrual cycle.


The truth is, your body isn’t broken — you just need to understand it better

I started seeing Nicole because I struggle with PCOS and secondary infertility. I had very irregular periods and a whole host of other PCOS symptoms. Nicole taught me A LOT. It was refreshing to speak to someone who actually took my ailments seriously and understood how difficult it was for me, as a woman, to suffer from conditions that made me feel less womanly. The program primed my body to do what I was hoping for... I am now pregnant with twins and I could not be more thrilled.

– Jordana S

Encouraging news for the Bring Back Your Period ladies! I have now had two periods! The first was at the beginning of April and today I just started my second cycle. I've been off the pill since the beginning of January (after being on the pill for 10 years). The last time I went off the pill two years ago, my period did not come back, not even after taking prometrium/the progesterone challenge which resulted in a diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea. I definitely credit the Bring Back Your Period program and all the lovely ladies who took part in it!

– Lauren L

After stopping my birth control pill, I had no periods for over a year. I started Nicole's course in the summer and after a month I got my periods back, and now this week just three months later I got a positive pregnancy test! I am just so lucky and can't be more grateful. Thank you Nicole! You do such amazing, important and eye-opening work. Just hang in there ladies, love and trust your bodies and you will amaze yourself.

– Sonja V


The truth is, your body isn’t broken — you just need to understand it better

I found Nicole’s course to be hugely beneficial. It confirmed my belief that the foods I put into my body were causing a hormonal imbalance and various health problems. I was struggling with terrible pms, bloating and painful periods which prompted me to join Nicole’s course. In the past I had also suffered from endometriosis and I now believe that the changes to my diet and lifestyle will stop any recurrence. Thank you Nicole for providing me with the knowledge to keep my body balanced and happy. I just wish I had discovered Nicole’s course a lot sooner as I honestly believe it would have saved me months of pain and drama.

– Caroline S

I’ve just loved this course! So much information but relayed in a really easy, fun manner. A great balance of theoretical and practical advice. The program has really helped me make sense of how I need to eat, not just for my hormonal health, but for my overall health. But most of all, since implementing the program, I’ve got heaps more energy, my tummy troubles have diminished and my thyroid autoimmune issues are almost in remission. I think that all speaks for itself!!

– Maria V

I’ve been suffering with PCOS and painful heavy periods for about 4 years. I’ve researched and tried a lot of different things in an effort to relieve the symptoms. Nicole has so much information to share, but it’s more than information – she genuinely has a caring spirit that shines through in her assistance to women. She helped me to really pinpoint what I should eliminate from my diet and what I should include in it. She also helped me to appreciate that although I may be taking appropriate supplements that if I’m not taking the right amount I wouldn’t see the results I was aiming for. Bonus: All my friends think I’m some sort of period genius now!

– Sharna S


Here’s how it works



  • This is the foundational lesson where I’ll tell you why you’re not actually broken! You’ll find out why missing and irregular periods have become such an epidemic and what you can do NOW to preserve your future fertility.
  • Then I’ll explain the main culprits behind your issues (these might surprise you...). And, I’ll give you some crave-worthy food ideas that can help get your energy, sex drive, and yup, your period back, starting with your next meal.
  • You’ll also get a worksheet with all my top tips and extra resources, so you can get started making changes straight away.


  • In Lesson 2, I’ll tell you why walking out of my doctor’s office was the best, and most controversial, thing I ever did... I’ll do some myth busting and give you the expert lowdown on how to restore the dynamic dance between your sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone.
  • I’ll give you the exact tests you need to find out what’s up with your period, and you’ll walk away with the strategies I used to successfully heal my own raging hormonal imbalance. These are easy and effective practices you can implement right now to get a period that’s No. Big. Deal.


  • This lesson is where the rubber really hits the road. I’ll teach you about the biggest challenge hormonally imbalanced women face and my top solutions to help you overcome it.
  • I’ll show you that you CAN get your symptoms under control now and prevent problems down the line.


  • This 5-day cleanse is the perfect way to build on all the positive changes you’re making in this course.
  • My cleanse is a simple, food-based detox that any woman can… and should do!
  • I’ll show you how to ditch the food that’s harming your hormones, and eat the very best nutrient-dense foods that’ll support your body’s ability to detoxify excess (potentially harmful) hormones, so you can begin to feel like a new woman.
  • It includes an extensive recipe book, meal plans, lifestyle hacks, and targeted supplements that’ll really move the needle on your health — short of cooking your food, I’ve done all the work for you!


Once you’ve bought the program, access to the materials is UNLIMITED. You can revisit the lessons and worksheets whenever you need and move through them at your own pace.

This is a big bonus as there are some things you may want to watch again when you need a refresher or as your circumstances change.


A 28-day program to get you back in your flow

Price is only $97 until...


Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart

  • Why Your Period Is Missing, Random Or Start-stop
  • Bust Through The Period Myths Holding You Back
  • Top Solutions To Start Your Very Own Period Party
  • Fix Your Period Cleanse
  • Ongoing Access to the Program Materials


The Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart Guarantee

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say “yes” to fixing your period STAT!

I know you’ve tried a lot of things and you’re probably worried about whether this will work for you. So, if you join this program and decide it’s not a good fit, I won’t make you stick around.

That’s why I’ve got a 7-day guarantee.

Simply send an email within the first 7 days of your purchase to with the email address you used to order the program, along with the reason you’re not happy, and I’ll process your refund.


Got questions? I’ve got answers…


Is the Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart for me?

If you’re a woman on a mission who wants a no-B.S. plan to find your missing period or get it back on track — this program is for you.

It will light a clear path towards getting your hormones to work for you, and taking control of your period and your life.

You just need to want it, that’s all. I’ve taken care of the rest for you!


Nicole Jardim is a hormonal health genius! She bridges the gap between conventional treatments and holistic healing, providing women with integrative tools to naturally take charge of their menstrual and reproductive health. We are all fortunate to be on the receiving end of her wonderful gifts and expertise.

– Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein


Nicole’s deep knowledge of women’s bodies and hormones is unparalleled; I’ve seen her help women who were stuck, frustrated and had tried almost everything to feel better. Her programs and coaching are downright brilliant! Her rich expertise is matched by her warm heart and presence — I can’t think of another coach who listens as closely as Nicole.

Nicole’s curious, caring spirit and passionate heart are transforming women’s health in a truly holistic, meaningful way.

If we could get the world’s leaders to listen to and follow Nicole’s advice about women’s health we could change the world… I hope you’ll follow her and invite her to change yours.

– Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, CAPP

Author of Women, Food, and Desire

If you’re still reading, there’s one last thing…

I know you’ve tried a lot of things.

You might be feeling let down by the doctors or other practitioners you’ve seen — after all, they’re the people who are supposed to know how to help.

I get it, I really do.

I know what it feels like to lose faith. To feel like there’s no solution.

But I also know that you’re smart, strong, and determined.

You know the pill and other medications aren’t the answer to your amenorrhea, PCOS, acne, moodiness, ovarian cysts, and nonexistent libido.


And, you know your body can heal itself, if given the things it needs.

So, if you’re ready to take the first step in becoming the healthiest and happiest version of YOU…

Then, I invite you to officially take control of your health and start bringing back your period today.

You’ll get a step-by-step plan to take control of your REAL hormones and get back in flow.

Small changes can have a BIG impact — and you’re so close to knowing what to do!


A 28-day program to get you back in your flow

Price is only $97 until...


Bring Back Your Period Jumpstart

  • Why Your Period Is Missing, Random Or Start-stop
  • Bust Through The Period Myths Holding You Back
  • Top Solutions To Start Your Very Own Period Party
  • Fix Your Period Cleanse
  • Ongoing Access to the Program Materials